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Neopian Graphics!

The place for all your Neopets needs.

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Welcome to Neopian Graphics!

This community was created so that fellow Neopians who make/need graphics, layouts, NeoHTML help, etc.

Looking for something? Check the archives.


001. CREDIT. If you take something from this community, link back. If you take something from a certain lj user at this community & they require individual credit, PLEASE do so. Leave all credits in a graphic/layout intact.

002. Join the community. If you want to use anything, you must join to see the posts. If posting, make friends only. This helps us see who is using our graphics & layouts.

003. Respect everyone. Members, moderators, everyone in this community are to recieve the same respect. Criticism is encouraged, but not rudely. This community is drama free!

004. DO NOT MODIFY. Modification of any graphics is strictly prohibited, unless marked otherwise.

005. DO NOT harass makers for custom graphics. Makers are free to post that they are taking requests here, but otherwise we WILL NOT MAKE YOU ANYTHING. Do not neomail us.

006. Lighten up & have fun! That's really the point, here. :)

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