Ugliness Man (uglinessman) wrote in neopiangraphics,
Ugliness Man

We Will Krawk You - take 2

As much as I loved the "We Will Krawk You" icon that I made, it started to bother me that I had a Pirate Meerca in there instead of the team members. A Pirate Meerca is my dream pet, so really the icon was more for me than others, which is dumb since I don't have any free slots. So I created a new one, but because there's now two loops instead of one (to accommodate having 4 team members), it's 46k, just LJ's limit for userpics. I'm okay at creating stuff like this, but I'm not very good at "cleaning up", so if someone could fiddle with this a bit and bring it under 40k, I'd really appreciated it.

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